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Free your voice…

          Fulfill your potential


As an aspiring professional classical singer, you've devoted an enormous amount of time and energy to developing your vocal technique and improving your craft. But like many of the students who come to me, despite your dedication and best efforts, you may find yourself experiencing one or more of the following persistent problems:


1) Lack of proper breathing and vocal support: Even after years of training, you haven't fully mastered the ability to correctly energize the support musculature to achieve a rich, expansive sound and easy high notes. Click here


2) Lack of vocal stamina: While youbegin a practice session or performance with a full, open sound, you tire quickly and experience vocal fatigue on a regular basis. No vocaleses seem to improve your vocal strength and endurance.  Click here


3) Lack of freedom and limited range: You find yourself straining to sustain challenging phrases or to hit high notes without cracking. Despite persistent practice, you experience a lack of ease and freedom throughout your range. Expanding your range is difficult, leading to frustration and vocal insecurity.  Click here


4) Lack of resonance and ring: While you work constantly toward richness of tone -- striving to create a larger, more beautiful sound -- you aren't achieving your desired results.  You are missing the chiaro-scuro (light-dark) combination essential to the professional classical singer.  Click here


5) Lack of clear progress: You struggle to identify the reasons why your progress more toward your vocal goals is so slow. Or you've hit a training plateau.  Techniques that once led to clear vocal improvement are no longer producing the same results.  You’re stuck. 


6) Lack of confidence:  Vocal problems that persist despite all your hard work and sacrifices often lead to a loss of confidence.  Negative feedback from teachers and industry professionals fuel this problem instead of solving it, robbing you of your self-esteem and drive. 


Solid vocal technique…

          Clear, satisfying improvement


If any of these problems are affecting your practice and performance, the chances of realizing your true vocal potential will be limited or compromised.  Most of the students who come to me for training have suffered from these very issues. They are enormously talented and highly disciplined singers, but lack the solid vocal technique vital to building and sustaining a professional career in today’s competitive performance world.


My technical approach uses respected vocal training techniques, helpful feedback, and constructive reinforcement to empower singers to overcome persistent technical issues, reverse bad habits, and make rapid progress.


Specifically, I can give you the tools to:


1) Master proper inhalation and activation of musculature in the vocal support mechanism.


2) Build vocal stamina for sustained endurance in practice and performance.


3) Increase vocal freedom and gain easy, seamless access to the full range of your unique instrument.


4) Enrich both resonance and ring for a larger, more beautiful and polished sound.


5) Achieve clear, steady improvement and move past training plateaus.


6) Gain confidence and poise through effective self-practice techniques.


An integrated approach…

          Effective and empowering


What makes my teaching approach different and exceptionally effective?


As a classical singer, I trained in both the Italian and the Swedish-Italian Schools of singing. Over the past twenty years as a teacher, I have developed a unique training approach that combines:


The Swedish-Italian technique, based on the celebrated Italian School of singing.  This technique utilizes a very healthy technical approach to singing through unique and valuable vocaleses that train the vocal mechanism to coordinate in the exact right way for the very best classical singing.


Key elements of the Alexander Technique, a 100 year-old combination of body and energy work designed to free the body, change stubborn habits while singing and promote deep, full breathing.


Self-training techniques that empower my students to integrate the benefits of the vocaleses directly into repertoire and apply effective practice techniques at home, so that they make rapid and satisfying progress toward their goals. 


You, too. can learn how to reach your vocal potential and have a deeper understanding of how to work on your own.  Private lessons are available in New York City and Nutley, NJ (off of Route 3).  





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